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Act Quickly to Protect Your Rights

If you have been cited for OVI / DUI, Physical Control, Boating under the Influence or a similar offense, time is of the essence. Chances are your license has been suspended, you have a rapidly approaching court date and looming deadlines that must be met to adequately protect your rights. Additionally, evidence that may be critical to your defense must be preserved. 

OVI / DUI Impacts on Your Life

Many clients fear the the impacts an OVI / DUI will have on their career. We see many cases where professionals are in danger of losing their license and simply cannot afford to have a conviction on their record. Consequently, thy hire us to provide aggressive representation and avoid a conviction. 

License Suspension

Another one of the biggest issues our clients face is losing their driver's license. Even though your license may be suspended, we can get you privileges to drive, mitigating the effects of the suspension. Additionally, the administrative license suspension must be appealed within 30 days of its issuance. Failure to meet this deadline may substantially affect your rights. 

Felony OVI / DUI

If you're facing a Felony OVI, you need aggressive representation immediately. In some cases the OVI has been over charged and the felony can be avoided within days of receiving the citation. Felony OVI / DUI License Suspension in Avon Best DUI Attorneys in Avon Best DUI Attorneys in Westlake

Let us Explain How We Fight for You

The possibilities are endless and each situation is unique in its own way. We encourage you to do research and know your rights, but even a through reading of every website and text book out there will not prepare you to adequately face an OVI / DUI without an aggressive attorney. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us review your situation.