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Jason Harless

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Relying on years of experience as my guide, I offer my clients unparalleled service and personal support throughout their case. I've been helping clients in the Lorain County, Ohio area protect their civil and constitutional rights, navigate the justice system, and seek the compensation they need after a personal injury accident. As a skilled legal writer, I make sure my hand is on every aspect of your case from writing the intake paperwork to the verdict. I pride myself on defending persons who may be underrepresented in society by helping them fight for the best possible result for their situation and protecting their interests.


Seeking Justice

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As a lifelong fighter for the underdog, I want to see that each person arrested and charged with a crime gets a fair trial and that their rights are protected and honored by the system.


With a strong work ethic and a mind for defense, I never back down from the prosecution. No matter the circumstances of your case, I will fight tirelessly for your rights and your freedom.


You need an attorney who will be straight with you and be upfront about the odds. I will provide realistic expectations and unfiltered advice and guidance to effectively pursue a favorable ruling.

Never Settle For Mediocre Results

Whether you’ve been charged with DUI, received a traffic ticket or been arrested for white-collar theft, you can count on Harless Law for help. I provide criminal defense against charges such as DUI and OVI, illegal drug possession or manufacturing, drug trafficking, and white-collar theft. I can also help you file a petition for expungement.

As the managing attorney of Harless Law LLC, I am dedicated to providing effective representation. I'll look at your case closely to find any factors that could help with your defense, including whether or not law enforcement officials acted appropriately. You should never speak to anyone about your case without a lawyer present. Since you can't talk your way out of any charge or arrest, help your case by not saying anything.

There are very few straightforward aspects of any criminal charge. What might seem like a routine DUI charge can recall any priors on your record. Things can soon begin to spiral, and when they do, you need an experienced attorney who won't back down from even the toughest prosecution. If you have received more than one DUI or OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated), your driver's license is on the line. Don't let your privileges be taken from you. Consult with a DUI/OVI attorney today.

As a personal injury attorney, I help clients seeking justice by fighting for compensation for their injuries and medical expenses. Whatever situation you're in, even if you think it's minor, you deserve justice. Call my office in Elyria, OH right away to schedule a free case consultation.